HATHASPACE Smart Air Purifier Review

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Allergies to pet fur, dust, and pollen are known to be very common, and you should do everything possible to eliminate them. Some teas and medicines may help alleviate some of the symptoms caused by pet dandruff, dust, and pollen, but it is advisable to invest in a solution that removes contaminants from the air, such as an air purifier. 

Due to the high demand, there are different price range models in the market and different filtering methods. Your choice should be based on your budget and the space that needs to be cleaned. 

If you’re looking for a product that can effectively clean the air in large spaces, the HATAHASPACE Smart Air Purifier is a great option, which we’ll be covering in this article. Let’s get to it!

HATHASPACE Smart Air Purifier

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This HATHASPACE device is one of the most beneficial air purifiers, and you won’t be disappointed. It is affordable and covers up to 700 square feet of air space in around about an hour. UV light, set to promote and accelerate the removal of pollen, allergies, and other air irritants, is a remarkable feature.

One advantage is that it has a 2 to 12-hour timer, and HATHASPACE can clean the house when you are busy. Not only do you have four different speeds and sleep modes, but you can also tailor your performance to your liking. It is a simple design that does not require special care. In addition, the HATHASPACE unit has a two-year warranty to cover manufacturing defects so you have complete peace of mind.

Who Is This Product for?

When it comes to who can benefit from buying this product, we can confidently say it’s for everyone who wants to breathe clean, healthy air. It is ideal for rooms up to 700 square feet in size. This air purifier effectively eliminates 99.9% of pollutants, bacteria, allergens, and other chemicals that can irritate the nose and lungs.

What’s Included?

This is one of the most cost-effective air purifiers on the market. It features a true HEPA H131 filter, several replaceable filters, and a reliable four-stage filtration system with a rechargeable battery. It also includes a complete description of how to set it up and get the most out of this air purifier. It is CARB, ETL, and Energy Star certified and comes with a limited lifetime warranty to cover unintended damage.

Overview of Features

HATHASPACE is one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of high-quality air purifiers with innovative design and reliable filtration technology. This air purifier has unique characteristics that set it apart from its competitors. In addition to UV lights, you’ll love four fan speeds that help improve energy efficiency and remove contaminants.

As a result, you can easily change the effect of the HATHASPACE air purifier based on the size of the space and the time you want to run. Sleep mode is one of its best features because you can enjoy all the benefits of an air purifier without noise. In addition, there is an innovative child lock feature that prevents children from tampering with the touch control panel settings. 

Apart from doing a great job of circulating purified air over an area of ​​700 square feet, it’s a product that tells you the current quality of the air outdoors through LED indicators. In addition, it consumes only 77 watts of power, which proves to be very efficient. Not only that, it’s highlighted in a sleek white/black design and comes with a two-year limited warranty that addresses all built-in flaws.

In terms of effectiveness, the H11 True HEPA filter stands out. It is an Energy Star certified component that removes up to 99.9 percent of all pollutants and irritants in the atmosphere. What we like most about it is that it is capable, attractive, and not too big. It’s also incredibly quiet and almost quiet in sleep mode, so you can leave it on all night if you want. With that in mind, it’s no exaggeration to say that this air purifier is an ideal choice for people with moody neighbors.

The lack of organized remote control buttons, which would make HATHSPACE even more beginner-friendly, is our sole complaint. Apart from that, we don’t have anything to say against it. It’s compact, simple to use, and most importantly, is a silent air purifier that you can use all year. It includes an exceptionally accurate timer that will save you energy when it comes to setting up this air purifier. We can promise you that your investment in the HATHASPACE Air Purifier will be well worth it with nothing more to say.

How to Use It

Simply connect this air purifier to a power source and press the on / off button. Then just use the touch control panel to choose the fan speed and whether to run the timer. 


  • It operates with a low-to-no-noise output
  • The unit runs on four different fan speeds and with a timer of up to 12 hours
  • It removes up to 99.9% of all pollutants and irritants from the air (H11 True HEPA)
  • A limited 2-year guarantee is included
  • It can cover up to 700 square feet.


  • Lack of organized control buttons


If the above model wasn’t quite what you had in mind, take a look at our alternative option below.

Winix AM90 Air Purifier

If you’re looking for a great alternative to the above and you appreciate Winix’s business model, the AM90 is an excellent choice. It is comparable to the C535 model but can be managed from a distance thanks to a WiFi connection. You can’t go wrong with the three-stage filtration system and small design! 

Wrap Up

It is no exaggeration to say that the HATHASPACE smart air purifier is an excellent long-term investment in the overall air quality of your living environment. It will provide you with a reliable product to combat allergies, and you will also fall in love with it for providing a smooth and quiet performance while maximizing indoor air quality. 

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