blueair blue pure 211

Blueair Blue Pure 211 Review

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Quick Overview





  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • High-quality filter
  • Has a quiet operation
  • Impressive design
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Covers a large area
  • 360-degree air circulation
  • Quite energy efficient


  • Does not come with smart features
  • Has a higher initial and maintenance cost

Finding a good air purifier can be quite challenging. After all, they tend to be quite pricey. If you are willing to shell out so much, you will need to find one that does its job exceedingly well.

A good air purifier should clean air well while fitting your lifestyle and also not look like an old-timey radiator. Keeping all this in mind, we found an amazing air purifier that checks all the boxes, the Blueair Blue Pure 211. Let’s find out more about it in our detailed review below.

Blueair Blue Pure 211  

Blueair is a company that was founded on the belief that freedom to breathe is a basic right. It was founded more than two decades ago. Since then, it has been making and selling award-winning air purifiers that combine a phenomenal performance with low noise and timeless Scandinavian design.   

The company has been helping improve people’s health and well-being in more than 60 countries now, and since 2016, they have been a proud member of the Unilever family of brands

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Who Is This Product For?  

The Blueair Blue Pure 211 is a fantastic piece of equipment for anyone who is looking to breathe healthy air. It is a great product to have at home or in your office. We would particularly recommend this product to those who have new-born babies or infants at home.

You can also use this purifier if you have pets and are allergic to their fur. Furthermore, this is a good product if you suffer from common allergies, asthma, and so on.  

What’s in the Box?

When you purchase the Blueair Blue Pure 211, you will get the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier, along with the owner’s manual, particle filter, Diva Blue pre-filter, and a Dark Shadow pre-filter.  

Overview of the Features  

The Blueair Blue Pure 211 is a brilliant air purifier with features that will truly interest you. Let's shed some light on them below.  

  • Multi-Stage Filtration  

The most important part of any air purifier is its filter. The Blueair Blue Pure 211 comes with a simple three-stage air-purification system. These include:  

Pre-Filter: The fabric pre-filter of this air purifier is on the outside and is capable of catching larger-sized particles. This pre-filter can be easily vacuumed or washed.  

Particle Filter: Unlike other air purifiers that use a True HEPA filter, the Blueair Blue Pure 211 makes use of a polypropylene fibers filter that helps in capturing 99% of all the allergens, such as pet dander, pollen, fungi, dust, and dust mites.  

Activated Carbon Filter: The air purifier's activated carbon filter is added inside the particle filter and is highly effective against odors, gases, smoke, and VOCs.  

While not having a True HEPA filter is sort of a disadvantage, this air purifier’s filters are impressively powerful, and its performance matches the ones that have HEPA filters.

  • Design  

The Blueair Blue Pure 211 has an appealing design, and even though it can handle large rooms, the unit itself is quite compact. Dimension-wise, the air purifier measures 13 x 13 x 20 inches and weighs 13 pounds. This makes it easy to take it from one room to another, and up and down the stairs.

What’s interesting about its design is the pre-filter that’s on the outside. It is available in several beautiful colors, like yellow, grey, blue, pink, and black. Another advantage of the pre-filter being outside is that you will always know when it needs to be cleaned.

There’s just one button on the unit, which harmoniously matches its design. This controls the fan speed. This simplicity in its design makes it easier to understand and use too.

  • Noise Levels  

The company takes great pride in the fact that this air purifier has a super quiet operation. We tried it at its highest setting, and even at this point, the machine was almost silent. This is particularly great for those who want to use it while they sleep and are light sleepers.  

  • Coverage Area  

The Blueair Blue Pure 211 is a powerful air purifier, thanks to its amazing build and fan system. According to the company, the purifier can effectively take care of a large room that is roughly 550 square feet.  

  • Energy Efficiency  

For an air purifier that is so powerful, it is surprisingly energy-efficient. It has an Energy Star rating. Not only does it help you save money off your electricity bills, but it also reduces your carbon footprint. The power usage at the lowest setting is at 30W, while at the highest setting is 61W.  

How to Use the Blueair Blue Pure 211

Thanks to its simple design, the Blueair Blue Pure 211 is a fairly easy simple unit to operate. However, if you are still curious to know more about it and want a tutorial, then we recommend you check out this video uploaded by the company itself.  


While there is nothing much for us to complain about the Blueair Blue Pure 211, the only downside it has is that it does not come with any smart features. In this day and age, having smart features integrated into things is sort of becoming a norm.  

If that’s important to you, too, we recommend you try out the Levoit Smart Air Purifier. In addition to having a great filtration system and an Energy Star rating, it also comes with remote control, a smartphone-based app, and voice control. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.   

The downside to using this air purifier is that it is capable of only handling a room as big as 360 square feet, unlike its counterpart that can handle a bigger room.


Overall, the Blueair Blue Pure 211 is one of the best air purifiers on the market right now that can effectively purify the air in a large-sized room. This air purifier is easy to operate and maintain, even though it lacks smart sensors.

Furthermore, it has an extremely low noise operation, which makes it great for use in the bedroom, too. If you’re interested, we have also reviewed several air purifiers, especially ones that work great with pets.

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