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Breathing in lousy air can be dangerous to our health as air quality in an area influences the quality of life. Bad air, especially in a closed room, is often filled with contaminants that can be allergic to some people. It is, therefore, necessary that people are exposed to clean and good air, especially when indoors.

This situation is where air purifiers come into play. Air purifiers help improve air quality in a room by eliminating the contaminants in the air. A good air purifier is highly beneficial as it effectively reduces allergens such as pollen and mold spores and protects people from all kinds of smoke.

However, when considering the quality of an air purifier, you must note certain factors. They include its effectiveness in cleaning the air, whether or not it is dark and quiet enough to allow for uninterrupted sleep, and the market price and affordability.

After careful and intensive research and testing, we have developed a list of the best five ionic air purifiers suitable for any home. We made this selection based on the effectiveness of the devices, their prices, and their durability.

Comparison Chart

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OION Technologies B-1000 Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier
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SilverOnyx Air Purifier for Home
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Envion Ionic Pro Turbo
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Airdog X3 Ionic Air Purifiers for Home with Washable Filter
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Pure Enrichment PureZone Elite True HEPA Large Room Air Purifier

Best Ionic Air Purifier Review

OION Technologies B-1000 Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier

31SZOyFe3vL. SL500

If you search for a quality air purifier that is easily affordable and still provides maximum satisfaction and efficiency, then this air purifying device from OION Technologies is the perfect choice for you.


The B-1000 Permanent Air Purifier is a powerful device that comes with an ultra-low energy consumption of 7.5W, and this in return saves expenses incurred on energy bills. It utilizes negative ions to eliminate small airborne pollutants such as allergens, pollen, pet dander, smoke, unpleasant odors, mold, and dust.

The device is also designed and functions with a whisper-quiet purification fan and night light which draws air in for purification and then sanitizes and cleans it. All these actions occur in a relatively silent and calm manner.

The air purifier has a length of 5.5 inches, a width of 6.5 inches, a height of 17 inches, and weighs 3.8 pounds. Its carbon filtration and ozone power feature help reduce odors, freshen the air, and absorb certain volatile airborne pollutants. This device not only clears the air and freshens it but also helps eliminate germs, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms. This kind of result is because it also comes with UVGI technology that is effective against various pathogens.

It is ideal for small spaces, relatively easy to clean, and not very noisy. However, compared to other similar air purifiers, this device seems to have low fan power as it is not as efficient as it should be when placed in a large area. In addition to this, it is a low-performing device and may not offer the desired comfort.

Even with these slight defects, this device is still one of the best air purifying devices you can get and keep in your home. Although it may look very cheap as its price allows individuals from different economic classes a chance to purchase it, the device is still of high quality. Since it is a good quality product, it would make an excellent addition to your home appliances and provide comfort and effectively clean air within your home.


  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Removes small airborne pollutants which include allergens, pet dander, unpleasant odors, and smoke
  • Low energy consumption and so ultimately saves expenses
  • Freshens the air in a room
  • Easy to clean, use, and maintain
  • Relatively cheap and easily affordable


  • Low fan power when compared to similar products
  • Some report low performance

Silver Onyx Air Purifier, H13 True HEPA Filter

41PpYsb4aOL. SL500

Purifying the air in a large room can sometimes be a challenge, but for this air purifier, it is a walkover. If you live in a large apartment with plenty of large rooms and open spaces, then this device is just the right choice for you.


This device comes in black color only and with a True Hepa H13 charcoal filter tested and proven to capture about 99.97% of air pollutants such as pet hairs, odors, airborne dust, and other household dust. One feature that sets this air purifier apart from other similar devices is the five stages of air cleaning that it undertakes within a room.

It, first of all, traps significant pollutants and particles such as pet hairs with its preliminary mesh filter. Then the Hepa H13 filter system eliminates all tiny air pollutants leaving you to breathe healthy air. Going further, the carbon filter within it helps to neutralize household smells and odors from cooking, pets, and smoke. The negative ion generator feature further removes flying viruses and pathogens, which can be harmful upon entry into the body. Then finally, the UV light feature helps produce clean and fresh air that is safe to breathe.

Due to the stages of air purification, it is ideal for large spaces and expansive rooms. It doesn’t matter how broad a room is; once this device operates in a room, it ensures that the air is clean, healthy to breathe, and fresh. It is equipped with the best air purification technologies to make purifying easy. It also comes with a digital button display feature that is easy to understand and navigate. And so, the device becomes easy to use and maintain.

The air purifier is relatively expensive and may not be affordable to people of certain economic classes. In addition to this, its room coverage performance is low and limited. While the device boasts of a True Hepa filter, this filter is not the best available. However, getting this air purifier would result in you breathing clean and fresh air inside the rooms of your home regardless of their large sizes.


  • Very effective against air pollutants such as pet hairs, odors, and household dust
  • Ideal for large rooms and spaces
  • Undergoes five stages of air purification thus assuring you of clean and fresh air
  • Easy to navigate, use, and maintain


  • Relatively expensive and has a low room coverage
  • The Hepa filter in the device is not the best

Envion Ionic Pro Turbo

31cpmQwO5sL. SL500

Air purifiers are not restricted to homes alone; you can use air cleaners in offices and workspaces. If you search for an air purifying device that can function effectively in different spaces and areas, then this device is just what you need.


This Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier is available in only black color, and its design aims to destroy germs and eliminate odors without ambient noise. It is one of the best air purifiers available as it removes 99.9% of airborne allergens, air pollutants, and irritants in your home. In addition to this, it destroys cold and flu viruses, mold spores, staph, and strep bacteria, thus making it essential to good health and healthy living.

This device is 7.5 inches long, 28.5 inches wide, 9.5 inches long, and weighs about 7.8 pounds. It is ideal for medium-sized and large rooms as it can cover up to 500 square feet. One distinguishing feature of this device is its three times air purifying function which makes it possible for the machine to clean the air in a room up to three times in one hour. Unlike most similar devices, it has a highly active filter that is also washable.

It is also straightforward to clean, use, maintain, and last for a long time upon purchase. Its use is not limited to homes alone as it is ideal for medium-sized offices and large workspaces. Amazingly, it has a low energy consumption capacity as its energy consumption is relatively less than a compact fluorescent bulb.

This device is quite expensive; thus, most people cannot afford more than one or two in their homes. As for office use, only large firms are comfortable buying the product. For its high price, its output is relatively low.

Nevertheless, this air purifier is still one of the best in the market that would surely give you value for your money.


  • Effective against cold and flu viruses, staph and strep bacteria, and mold spores
  • Ideal for home and office use
  • Also ideal for both medium-sized and large-sized rooms
  • Low energy consumption and thus saves cost
  • Can cover up to 500 square feet of area


  • Relatively expensive
  • For the high price, it has a low performance

Airdog X3 Ionic Air Purifiers

21RbcjTVRqL. SL500

When you need an air purifier with an intelligent design that is also highly affordable and efficient, this device is the best choice for you.


The Airdog Ionic Air Purifier utilizes TPA technology, which effectively filters allergens, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and odors. This technology is even more effective than the usual HEPA filter as it removes up to 14.6 nm, which is even more than the 0.3 microns of the HEPA filter. This air cleaner is one of the most effective air purifiers available on the market today as its cleaning power is one of its distinguishing features.

This device can clean up to 120 cubic feet per minute, meaning you can breathe fresh air in spaces up to 215 square feet in size, making it ideal for larger rooms and office spaces.

One fantastic feature of this device is the noise control level which is as low as 30 DBs, and this means that you can easily enjoy your sleep while it is still working its magic.

It is 12.2 inches long, 12.2 inches wide, 26.97 inches high, and weighs 14.33 pounds. Another fantastic feature is that the device comes with a filter equipped with collecting plates. It is also reusable and washable and can dry in just 20 minutes. With an intelligent design that is fireproof and fitted with six operating modes, it is easy to use and maintain.

On the other hand, this purifying device is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it. In addition to this, the price is relatively high for the machine’s performance. One would expect more than it promises and delivers with its high cost.


  • Its filter is more effective than the usual HEPA filter
  • Can clean up to 215 square feet in space and areas
  • Produces less noise and is quite easy to maintain
  • Has a reusable and washable filter


  • Quite expensive
  • For its high price, it gives off a low performance

Pure Enrichment Pure Zone Elite True HEPA Large Room Air Purifier

41i5rY8Qo6L. SL500

Quality is a top priority to this device’s makers, so you are guaranteed premium satisfaction. If you search for a quality air purifier, then this is the best for you.


This device undergoes four stages of air purification and so is deemed one of the best air purifiers in the market presently. The carbonated air filter helps to remove the irritants and pollutants from the air to produce healthy and clean air in return.

It utilizes intelligent air quality detection technology, which automatically improves the air in the room by adjusting the fan to a certain desired level. It also uses touch-button display technology, making it easy to use and maintain.

On the downside, it is pretty noisy at the highest speed. It also has a low CADR rating.


  • Very effective in sanitizing the air in a room
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Has different stages of air purification
  • Smart air quality detection technology


  • Relatively noisy at high speed
  • Has a low CADR rating

Final Verdict

Air purifiers can be beneficial in every home, and everyone should invest in a quality air purifier. In choosing any one of these devices, always pay attention to the quality of their performance, noise level, and price and decide which one is best for your budget and needs based on these factors.

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